Discover a new multidimensional paradigm of conscious aging – one of vast potential, infused with vitality, passion, purpose, continual growth and service.

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  • “Positive Aging: Successful, Productive, Conscious” with Harry R Moody
  • “The Art of Aging” with Alice & Richard Matzkin
  • “Enduring & Radiant Health”with Dr. Gabriel Cousens
John Robbins
President, The Food Revolution Network, author, Healthy at 100
Gabriel Cousens, MD
Rabbi, MD, Founder & Director Tree of Life Foundation and Tree of Life Center US
Dr. Karen D. Lincoln
Associate Professor, USC School of Social Work; Director, USC Hartford Center of Excellence in Geriatric Social Work; Senior
Marilyn Schlitz, M.A., Ph.D.
Writer, Speaker and Filmmaker
Janet M Hively, PhD
Encore Entrepreneur, network organizer, group facilitator, mentor, speaker, expert on work
Marc Freedman
Founder and CEO, Encore.org
Harry R Moody
Visiting Professor, Creative Longevity and Wisdom Program, Fielding Graduate University
Moira Allan
International Coordinator, Pass It On Network ; Professional Life Coach
Alice & Richard Matzkin
Alice: portrait painter author, Richard: sculptor, author, musician
John Sorensen
Co-Founder and Director, Conscious Elders Network
Judy Steiert
Certified Sage-ing Leader, Conscious Aging Facilitator, Founder of Elderquest Options
Kathleen Erickson Forder
IONS Elder Education Program Manager
Margaret L. Newhouse
Principal, Passion & Purpose LifeCrafting, Founder of The Life Planning Network, Author, Certified Life Coach
Wendy Lustbader
National Keynote Speaker, University Lecturer, Culture Change Advocate
Richard Leider
Bestselling Author and Keynote Speaker
Robert C. Atchley
Distinguished Professor of Gerontology (Emeritus)
Dr. Mario Martinez
Founder of Biocognitive Science Institute and author of the bestselling book 'The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs t
Janice Blanchard
President, Aging Better Together; President, Mosaic Communities

In our mainstream culture, there is an underlying message that after you reach retirement age, you don’t have a meaningful role. That perhaps the best you can hope for is to occupy your days playing golf or spending time with your grandchildren... while letting younger folks step in to make their contributions to our world.

The Transforming Aging Summit

The result of this pervasive attitude? As you age, it can be easy to start to feel irrelevant... that your best days are behind you, and that whatever legacy you were meant to leave should already be in place. Many people also find their passion waning and lose sight of their bigger vision for the next stages of life.

The Transforming Aging Summit is here to change all that! It’s a groundbreaking online series to truly empower you as you age by creating a new paradigm of conscious and positive aging. This multidimensional perspective focuses on the potential for purpose and continual growth, and helps you tap into reservoirs of joy and vitality.

In this special series, learn from top experts in the emerging field of conscious aging who illuminate what you can do for your body, mind, spirit – and service to our world – to help make your later years your greater years.

Shine Brightly as You Age Consciously

In some cultures, elders are honored as sages who are called upon for counsel because of the wider vision of the world they possess. Unfortunately, this model – where the wisdom that can only be gained through rich life experience is most highly esteemed – is far less common.

Instead, the mainstream media bombards us with the message that we must do all we can to fight “the sands of time.” If we only paid attention to that, we might falsely believe that lack of energy, fading beauty and health woes are all that we get to look forward to in our later years. They make it sound as if between retirement and death our only option is to live in some sort of passive holding pattern.

It’s true that there are many issues that may challenge you in your efforts to “age gracefully,” including:

The Transforming Aging Summit
  • Feeling isolated, lack of community
  • Loss of purpose & vision for life
  • Loss of meaningful roles
  • Lack of passion, lower energy
  • Physical pain & other health problems
  • Denial of the aging process itself
  • Death of friends & loved ones
  • Absence of positive role models
  • Unresolved emotional baggage from
    the past
  • Confusion around making a contribution to the world
  • Lack of spiritual guidance specifically for those in their later years

The good news is that while aging does come with its share of losses and diminishments, the more multidimensional vision of aging highlighted in The Transforming Aging series demonstrates that it can also include vast possibilities for true fulfillment and growth in whatever circumstances you find yourself. The speakers lay out expansive possibilities for the gifts you can contribute to the world with the wisdom of the years on your side.

The presenters are not only experts in the field of conscious aging, they are also role models and mentors you can look to for inspiration and guidance for living more meaningful, joyful and purpose-filled lives in “early elderhood” or elderhood. You’ll learn that aging well is about so much more than improving your physical health, mental acuity and longevity (but you’ll gain invaluable knowledge on this, too). Elevating your spiritual and emotional well-being according to the stage of life you’re experiencing is essential.

The Transforming Aging Summit

You’ll discover deep wisdom and practices that can help liberate you from unresolved “baggage” you may have accumulated from your past... which, of course, frees up huge amounts of energy and empowers you to live your purpose with more joie de vivre. In turn, you’ll also come to see that the more clarity you gain around your visions and goals for the future, the more energy and passion you’ll experience on all levels.

The Transforming Aging series shares the secrets for truly staying “young at heart” – and shining more brightly as you age consciously.

With The Transforming Aging series, you’ll:

  • Experience a positive vision of aging & conscious aging approaches.
  • Tap into purpose, passion & a higher vision for your life.
  • Find a pathway for being “relevant.”
  • Be inspired by stories of dynamic mentors embracing elderhood.
  • Gain access to many conscious aging resources.
  • Join a supportive community of kindred spirits.
  • Discover practices for better health, mental acuity & well-being.
  • Explore the possibilities for the next stage of your life.
  • Recognize how spiritual needs change as you age.
  • Experience more energy as you resolve your “baggage.”
  • Explore your role as an elder who can help others now and leave a great legacy for others in the future.

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  • “Positive Aging: Successful, Productive, Conscious” with Harry R Moody
  • “The Art of Agingn” with Alice & Richard Matzkin
  • “Enduring & Radiant Health”with Dr. Gabriel Cousens

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Explore What’s Possible...

The Transforming Aging Summit

Whether you’re a Baby Boomer, an elder or someone who works with older people, The Transforming Aging series is designed for anyone who wants to be empowered in co-creating a greater and more multidimensional vision for what’s possible as we grow into the later chapters of life.

You’ll discover wisdom, inspiration and practices for cultivating more inner growth and wholeness, as well as those that can support your health, vitality and overall well-being as you age.

Additionally, with the guidance of the wonderful speakers you’ll be hearing, you’ll explore what’s next for you on your journey in the honorable role of “elder.” Maybe it will include a commitment to sharing your hard-earned gifts, wisdom and talents to help create a thriving world for future generations.

So, if you want to live a life full of passion and purpose – to be out there contributing, giving and growing, and being engaged in creating a legacy for your children, their children and all of our children – say “YES” to this enlightening summit series by registering now.


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